McGarvey Lands of the Bible

McGarvey, John W. – Lands of the Bible
McGarvey Lands of the Bible

By John W. McGarvey

McGarvey Lands of the Bible is a picture-rich and study rich work about the Holy Land and the history of the church. Description of Palestine, Egypt, etc.

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Description of McGarvey Lands of the Bible

A 9 Geographical and Topographical Description of Palestine, with Letters of Travel in Egypt, Syria, Asia Minor, and Greece
by J. W. McGarvey

John William McGarvey was a minister, author, and religious educator in the American Restoration Movement. He was particularly associated with the College of the Bible in Lexington, Kentucky (today Lexington Theological Seminary) where he taught for 46 years, serving as president from 1895 to 1911. He was noted for his opposition to theological liberalism and higher criticism. His writings are still influential among the heirs of the conservative wing of the Restoration Movement, the Churches of Christ and Christian churches and churches of Christ.

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