Pink, Arthur – Heroes of the Faith

This reality shows itself in our life, and this is where Pink examines heroes of the faith, and how their faith has actually brought about a present reality from this future outlook.

Pink examines and explains this from Hebrews 11, God’s list of great heroes of the faith. In each of these cases, God uses an individual who has lived his life different because of the promises of God that have so gripped him or her, that they can no longer live “normal” lives, but live a life showing God in that life that they live.

Lawson, George – God’s Agency in War

God’s Agency in War is about God’s part in the wars between mankind.

Fawcett, John – Christ Precious to Those Who Believe

The preciousness of Jesus Christ, to those who believe — practically considered and improved.

Alleine,Joseph – Gospel in a Map

A view of the exceedingly great and precious Promises

New World Translation of Bible

This is the New World Translation of the Bible, the official version of the Jehovah’s Witnesses