Livingstone, D. – Expedition to Zambesi

In this 16 chapter work, Livingstone gives us a review of his expedition to Zambesi.

Owen, J. – A Brief Declaration and Vindication of The Doctrine of the Trinity

In this 5 chapter work by Owen (Nonconformist Anglican), he examines the doctrine of the Trinity. He looks at the doctrines generally in chapters 1 and 2, and then he looks at the person of Christ, and then the satisfaction of Christ, and an appendix.

Warfield, B.B. – The Power of God Unto Salvation

In this 8 chapter work by Warfield (Presbyterian), he presents us with 8 studies on salvation, focusing on how salvation manifests the power of God.

Moody, D.L. – Seven “I Wills” of Christ

These seven “I Wills” are that of salvation, cleansing, confession, service, comfort, resurrection, and glory.

Adams, J.Q. – Baptists the Only Thorough Reformers

When Mr. Adams was in London, in August, 1868, Charles Haddon Spurgeon informed him that he had used “Baptists Thorough Reformers” as a text book in his Pastor’s College, regarding it as the best Manual of Baptist principles he had met.