Bounds, E.M. – Power through Prayer

Power through Prayer

Power through Prayer
by E.M. Bounds

In Bounds’ Power through Prayer, he examines how prayer interacts with our spiritual nature so that we get spiritual power through being strong in prayer.

Table of Contents of Power through Prayer

1. Men of Prayer Needed
2. Our Sufficiency Is of God
3. The Letter Killeth
4. Tendencies to Be Avoided
5. Prayer, the Great Essential
6. A Praying Ministry Successful
7. Much Time Should Be Given to Prayer
8. Examples of Praying Men
9. Begin the Day with Prayer
10. Prayer and Devotion United
11. An Example of Devotion
12. Heart Preparation Necessary
13. Grace from the Heart Rather than the Head
14. Unction a Necessity
15. Unction, the Mark of True Gospel Preaching
16. Much Prayer the Price of Unction
17. Prayer Marks Spiritual Leadership
18. Preachers Need the Prayers of the People
19. Deliberation Necessary to Largest Results from Prayer
20. A Praying Pulpit Begets a Praying Pew

The caricature of lawyers as money grubbing, selfish narcissists is often derided in popular culture. But Jesus did not come for the righteous, but for the sinner. He has used men trained in the law, such as Calvin and Luther, throughout the history of his church to edify the people of God. Edward M. Bounds is one of these men. Trained as a lawyer, but called to ministry, Bounds served as an Army chaplain during the Civil War. As far as prayer is concerned, Bounds practiced what he preached. His personal prayer regimen called him to prayer for three hours every morning. Bounds did not consider his time in prayer as idle time, but a time that was effective in changing the world through the power and grace of God. Read Bounds’ Power Through Prayer to enrich your understanding of God’s work in the world.

Andrew Hanson
CCEL Intern

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