Chapman, J.B. – The Divine Response

The Divine Response

The Divine Response
by James Chapman

In this 11 chapter work The Divine Response by Chapman (Nazarene), he presents us with studies on communication with God, that is, that God answers our prayers.

CONTENTS of The Divine Response

Chapter 1 The Divine Response
Chapter 2 Our Answering God
Chapter 3 The Implications of Our Godlikeness
Chapter 4 Our Proximity To God
Chapter 5 The Separative
Chapter 6 The Hand That Reaches Down
Chapter 7 The Hand That Reaches Up
Chapter 8 The Bridge
Chapter 9 The Persistent Quest
Chapter 10 The Predicament Of The Sub-Earnest
Chapter 11 The Quandry Of The Unassured

Chapman JB - Divine Response
Chapman JB - Divine Response
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