Miller, J.R. – Silent Times

Miller, J.R. – Silent Times is a work by Presbyterian Miller on prayer and communing with God in prayer. These times are quiet times in which we listen as much as speak to God.


Every true Christian life needs its daily “silent times,” when all shall be still, when the busy activity of other hours shall cease, and when the heart, in holy hush, shall commune with God. One of the greatest needs in Christian life in these days, is more devotion. Ours is not an age of prayer so much as an age of work. The tendency is to action rather than to worship; to busy toil rather than to quiet sitting at the Savior’s feet to commune with him.

The key-note of our present Christian life is consecration, which is understood to mean dedication to active service. On every hand we are incited to work. Our zeal is stirred by every inspiring incentive. The calls to duty come to us from a thousand earnest voices.

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Miller, J R - Silent Times (wlue777)
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Date:May 23, 2016