Miller, J.R. – Silent Times

Miller Silent Times

Miller, J.R. – Silent Times is a work by Presbyterian Miller on prayer and communing with God in prayer. These times are quiet times in which we listen as much as speak to God.


Every true Christian life needs its daily “silent times,” when all shall be still, when the busy activity of other hours shall cease, and when the heart, in holy hush, shall commune with God. One of the greatest needs in Christian life in these days, is more devotion. Ours is not an age of prayer so much as an age of work. The tendency is to action rather than to worship; to busy toil rather than to quiet sitting at the Savior’s feet to commune with him.

The key-note of our present Christian life is consecration, which is understood to mean dedication to active service. On every hand we are incited to work. Our zeal is stirred by every inspiring incentive. The calls to duty come to us from a thousand earnest voices.

Biography of JR Miller

John R. Miller
John R. Miller

James Russell Miller (20 March 1840 – 2 July 1912) was a popular Christian author, Editorial Superintendent of the Presbyterian Board of Publication, and pastor of several churches in Pennsylvania and Illinois. In 1857, James entered Beaver Academy and in 1862 he progressed to Westminster College, Pennsylvania, which he graduated in June 1862. Then in the autumn of that year he entered the theological seminary of the United Presbyterian Church at Allegheny, Pennsylvania.

The Christian Commission

The Christian Commission was created in response to the disastrous First Battle of Bull Run. On 14 November 1861, the National Committee of the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) called a convention which met in New York City. The work of the United States Christian Commission was outlined and the organization completed the next day.

In March 1863, Miller promised to serve for six weeks as a delegate of the United States Christian Commission, but at the end of this time he was persuaded to become an Assistant Field Agent and later he was promoted to General Field Agent. He left the Commission on 15 July 1865.

Further Studies and the Pastorate

Miller resumed his interrupted studies at the Allegheny Theological Seminary in the fall of 1865 and completed them in the spring of 1867. That summer he accepted a call from the First United Presbyterian Church of New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. He was ordained and installed on 11 September 1867. Miller pastored various Presbyterian churches until his death. See for a Complete Biography of John Miller

Books by John Miller

During the time that John Miller was on the Presbyterian Board, he added several dozen periodicals to their offerings. Miller's lasting fame is through his books. Many are still in publication.

  • Family Prayers for Thirteen Weeks
  • Bible Readings from the Life of Christ
  • Christlike Living in a Sinful World
  • Living without Worry
  • Week Day Religion, 1880
  • Home Making, 1882 (currently published by The Vision Forum as The Family) theWord
  • In His Steps: For Those Beginning the Christian Life, 1885 theWord
  • The Wedded Life, 1886
  • Silent Times, 1886
  • Come Ye Apart, 1887
  • The Marriage Altar, 1888
  • Practical Religion, 1888
  • Bits of Pasture, 1890
  • Making the Most of Life, 1891
  • The Everyday of Life, 1892
  • Girls: Faults and Ideals, 1892
  • Young Men: Faults and Ideals, 1893
  • Glimpses Through Life's Windows, 1893
  • The Building of Character, 1894
  • Secrets of Happy Home Life, 1894
  • Life’s Byways and Waysides, 1895
  • For a Busy Day, 1895
  • Year Book, 1895
  • Family Prayers, 1895
  • The Hidden Life, 1895
  • The Blessing of Cheerfulness, 1896
  • Things to Live For, 1896
  • Story of A Busy Life, 1896
  • A Gentle Heart, 1896
  • Personal Friendships of Jesus, 1897
  • By the Still Waters, 1897
  • The Secret of Gladness, 1898
  • The Joy of Service, 1898
  • The Master’s Blessed, 1898
  • That will Do 1898
  • Young People’s Problems, 1898 theWord
  • Unto the Hill, 1899
  • Strength and Beauty, 1899
  • The Golden Gate of Prayer, 1900
  • Loving My Neighbour, 1900
  • The Ministry of Comfort, 1901
  • Summer Gathering, 1901
  • How? When? Where?, 1901
  • The Upper Currents, 1902
  • Today and Tomorrow, 1902
  • In Perfect Peace, 1902
  • The Lesson of Love, 1903
  • The Face of the Master, 1903
  • Our New Eden, 1904
  • Finding the Way, 1904
  • The Inner Life, 1904
  • Manual for Communicant Classes, 1905
  • The Beauty of Kindness, 1905
  • When the Song Begins, 1905
  • The Best Things, 1907 theWord
  • Glimpses of the Heavenly Life, 1907
  • Morning Thoughts for Every Day in The Year, 1907
  • Evening Thoughts, 1908
  • The Gate Beautiful, 1909
  • The Master's Friendships, 1909
  • The Beauty of Every Day, 1910
  • The Beauty of Self Control, 1911
  • Learning to Love, 1911
  • The Book of Comfort, 1912
  • The Joy of The Lord, 1912
  • Devotional Hours with the Bible (eight volumes), 1909-1913

Works by John Miller

Miller, J R  - Silent Times (wlue777)
Miller, J R - Silent Times (wlue777)
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