Moody, D.L. – Prevailing Prayer

Prevailing Prayer
By D.L. Moody

In this 11 chapter work by Moody, he investigates different elements of prayer: as a mighty power, to honor God, confession, restoration, thanksgiving, forgiveness, unity, faith, petition, submission, and God’s will.

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CONTENTS of Prevailing Prayer

1. Prayer is a mighty power.
2. Prayer is to render honor to God.
3. Prayer is an element in true confession.
4. Successful prayer restores
5. Prayer is thanksgiving.
6. Prayer is forgiveness.
7. Prayer requires unity.
8. Prayer needs faith.
9. Prayer needs petition.
10. Prayer needs submission.
11. Prayer needs to be in God’s will.


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Moody, Dwight L - Previaling Prayer
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Author:Moody, D.L.
Date:February 5, 2017