Whyte, Alexander – Lord Teach us to Pray

Lord, Teach us to Pray

Sermons on Prayer

by Alexander Whyte, D.D., LL.D.

CONTENTS of Lord Teach us to Pray

PART I Introductory and General

Preface (This page at bottom)

The Magnificence of Prayer  Luk_11:1  1 Peter_2:9 02 The Geometry of Prayer   Luk_11:1Isaiah_57:15 03 The heart of man and the heart of God  Luk_11:1Psa_62:8

PART II – Some Bible Types of Prayer

Jacob-Wresting Luk_11:1  Genesis_32:30 05Moses-Making haste  Luk_11:1Exodus_34:8 06 Elijah-Passionate in Prayer  Luk_11:1James_5:17 07 Job-Groping    Luk_11:1Job_23:3 08 The Psalmist-Setting the Lord always before him Luk_11:1.Psalms_16:8 09 Habakkuk-On his watch-Tower   Luk_11:1Habakkuk_2:1 10 Our Lord-Sanctifying Himself    Luk_11:1-54:1 John_7:19 11 Our Lord-In the Garden    Luk_11:1Matthew_26:36 12 One of Paul’s Prayers   Luk_11:1Eph_3:14-21 One of Paul’s Thanksgivings    Luk_11:1Col_1:12-29 The man who knocked at midnight    Luk_11:1Luk_11:5-8

PART III – Some aspects of the way of prayer

Prayer to the most high    Luk_11:1Hosea_7:16 16 The costliness of prayer    Luk_11:1Jeremiah_29:13 17 Reverence in Prayer    Luk_11:1Malachi_1:8 18 The pleading Note in prayer    Luk_11:1Isaiah_43:26 19 Concentration in prayer Luk_11:1Matthew_6:6 20 Imagination in prayer Luk_11:1 . Revelation_4:8 21 The forgiving spirit in prayer Luk_11:1 .Mark_11:25 22 The secret burden  Luk_11:1Zechariah_12:12 23 The endless quest  Luk_11:1Heb_9:6

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