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2000+ Bible Illustrations

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2000+ Bible Illustrations is a module with Bible illustrations for the preacher or Bible School teacher.

Excerpts from Anonymous – 2000+ Bible Illustrations

The Hands of Christ

When our Lord was here on earth, He frequently ministered to man’s needs with His hands. He broke the loaves and the fishes to feed a hungry multitude. He made clay and rubbed it on the eyes of a blind man to give him sight. He touched an unclean leper in the act of cleansing him. He said to Thomas, “Behold My hands.” One day we, too, shall behold them.

The story is told of a young girl whose mother was very beautiful-all except her hands, which were shriveled and scarred and hideous. Although the child was long reluctant to speak about them, the time came when she asked her mother how her hands became so marred.

The mother told her how their house caught fire when the girl was very little. The mother rushed upstairs to the room where the girl was sleeping in her crib, and with the help of the Lord was able to carry the babe downstairs and outside without being harmed. But in doing so, the mother’s hands were terribly burned.

This brought sobs to the child as she said, “O Mother, you know I’ve always loved you-especially your face, your smile, your eyes. But better than all, now I love your hands.”

The One who left heaven’s glory and became flesh for us bears in His compassionate hands the scars of His sacrifice on our behalf. His hands will be an eternal reminder of His love.

When He Waited the Longest

When Leonardo da Vinci painted The Last Supper on the wall in Milan, Italy convent dining room, the monks began to have many questions about his ability, and his integrity. The picture was merely a copy of the dining area in which it was being painted. The table, the linen, even the dishes used by the monks, were all identical to those in the picture.

Some of the monks thought da Vinci was taking advantage of his contract to paint this picture. They were resentful of his long periods of inactivity, when da Vinci would stand for hours without touching his brush to the wall in front of him.

When they asked da Vinci about this apparent inactivity, he replied, “When I pause the longest, I make my most telling strokes with my brush.”

No other event in the life of our Lord has been painted more often, but none can match the one painted by da Vinci nearly 500 years ago.

In like manner, God paused, the world waited, “But when the fullness of the time was come, God sent forth His Son….” (Gal 4:4).

Longing for His Appearance

At one time the recording engineer of the author’s radio broadcasts, a very dear saint of God, was almost completely blind. Whenever I visited him and prayed with him, he always wanted to hold my hand as I prayed. He told me that did something to him. Physical contact meant special inspiration and comfort to him. I thought he would not hold my hand when I prayed with him after the restoration of his eyesight, but he still continued to do so. I think this is a perfect illustration of the earnest desire of Christians for the physical appearance of the Lord Jesus.

Be Prepared

A servant whose master and mistress were away was uncertain when they would return. A friend visited her and feeling rather tired went in to rest. When she got up she saw that the servant had gone to all kinds of trouble to lay the table for tea as if her master and mistress were coming home that hour. She questioned the servant whether the master and mistress were coming home that day, but her friend answered, “I have not heard, but as the time is uncertain, I always have everything ready each day.” What a lesson this is for the Christian-to have everything ready every day and every hour of the day.

Christians What Kind Are You?

Some Christians are like wheelbarrows, not good unless pushed.
Some are like canoes, they have to be paddled.
Some are like kites, if you don’t keep a string on them, they fly away.
Some are like kittens, they are more contented when petted.
Some are like balloons, full of wind and likely to blow up unless handled carefully.
Some are like trailers, no good unless pulled.
Some are like buzzards, they “get wind” of a foul smell and come quickly.
Some are filled with the Holy Spirit, and thank God for these!

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