Kulp, George – A Voice from Eternity

Voice from Eternity

In George Kulp’s work A voice from Eternity, he examines eternity, God’s Plan, the day of Judgment, Conscience, Spiritual gymnastics, the hopeless fight again God, counting the cost, etc.

Contents of Voice from Eternity

Sermon 1: A Voice from Eternity
Sermon 2: Eternity
Sermon 3: The Day of Judgment
Sermon 4: Conscience, the Umpire of God
Sermon 5: Spiritual Gymnastics
Sermon 6: Hopeless to Fight Against God
Sermon 7: Counting the Cost
Sermon 8: All or None
Sermon 9: God’s Plan
Sermon 10: The Damnation Army, Its Victims and Its Sponsors
Sermon 11: The Price of Victory
Sermon 12: The Awful Void
Sermon 13: The Spirit Withdrawn
Sermon 14: Hindered Prayers
Sermon 15: Provision for Rough Roads
Sermon 16: Doing for Jesus

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