Scofield, C.I. – In Many Pulpits

In Many Pulpits

by Cyrus Ingerson Scofield


This is a 27 chapter work on various different topics, such as waiting on the Lord, the deity of Jesus Christ, man as a threefold being, etc.

Content of In Many Pulpits

1. The Best of All Good Resolutions
2. Waiting on the Lord
3. The Deity of Jesus Christ
4. The Most important question ever asked.
5. Man a Three-fold Being
6. The Unrecognized Christ
7. Is Life worth living?
8. By Grace through Faith
9. Barabbas or Christ
10. The Demon of Worry
11. Prayer
12. Who is my Neighbor?
13. The God of Jacob
14. Song or Echo–Which?
15. Did Jesus Rise?
16. The Bible
17. Quo Vadis?
18. The Test of True Spirituality
19. Serving Christ
20. Out of Bondage
21. The Mystery of Godliness
22. Glorying in the Cross
23. The Heavenly Pattern
24. Compensating Visions
25. Busy about the Wrong Thing
26. Joy
27. The Loveliness of Christ

Scofield, C I  - In Many Pulpits
Scofield, C I - In Many Pulpits
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