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Dorse Bible Outline Compendium Outline

Dorse Bible Outline Compendium Outline is an outline of the entire Bible Book by Book by this brother. Not a survey, but it is outline

Pearlman, M. – Through the Bible Book by Book OT

In this book by Pearlman, he gives a brief introduction to each of the Old Testament books.

Moorehead, W.G. – Outline Studies in the Books of the Old Testament

In this 41 chapter book by Professor Moorehead (I am not sure of Moorehead’s affiliation, except that he was with D.L. Moody and Moody Bible Institute, so he was probably Congregationalist. He did work on the Scofield Bible Reference Notes, and that group was mainly Brethren-Dispensationalist), he examines the OT. Basically this is like an Old Testament Survey Book.