Pearlman, M. – Through the Bible Book by Book OT

Pearlman, Myer - OT Through The Bible Book By Book
Pearlman, Myer - OT Through The Bible Book By Book
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Through the Bible Book by Book: Old Testament
by Myer Pearlman

In this book by Pearlman, he gives a brief introduction to each of the Old Testament books.

Copyright @ 1935

Table of Contents

1. Genesis
2. Exodus
3. Leviticus
4. Numbers
5. Deuteronomy
6. Joshua
7. Judges
8. Ruth
9. I Samuel
10. II Samuel
11. I Kings
12. II Kings
13. I & II Chronicles
14. Ezra
15. Nehemiah
16. Esther
17. Job
18. Psalms
19. Proverbs
20. Ecclesiastes
21. Song of Solomon
22. Isaiah
23. Jeremiah
24. Lamentations
25. Ezekiel
26. Daniel
27. Hosea
28. Joel
29. Amos
30. Obadiah
31. Jonah
32. Micah
33. Nahum
34. Habakkuk
35. Zephaniah
36. Haggai
37. Zechariah
38. Malachi


The reader has, no doubt, watched a grocery salesman fill an order, and noted how well acquainted he was with the sections where the various articles were kept. This homely illustration will serve to describe the purpose of this course, which is to impart a general knowledge of the contents of each Book of the Bible so that the Sunday school teacher with his lesson before him, may know from which of the sixty-six “compartments” of the Bible to select his material. This purpose has made necessary the method used in this course, which is not to deal primarily with details, but with the main facts of each book.

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