DCox -Angels from Bible Dictionaries


DCox -Angels from Bible Dictionaries

Compiled and edited and some parts written by David Cox

DCox -Angels from Bible Dictionaries is a smaller module (actually has a lot of information) which I have compiled and added to this with my own writings. These are basically Bible Dictionary entries on the word Angel.

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Contents of DCox -Angels from Bible Dictionaries


1 Angel1.1 Confusion of terms
1.2 Definition
1.3 The Creation of Angels
1.4 The Dwelling Place of the Angels.
1.5 The Position of Angels
1.6 Different Classes and Types of Angels.

1.7 R.A. Torrey Topical Textbook – Angels

1.8 Angels – David Cox’s Topical Bible Concordance1.8.1 Angel – Amtrak

1.8.2 Angel – BED

1.9 Angel – Cox Bible Concordance

1.10 Angel – Hastings1.10.1 1. The scope of this article.

1.10.2 2. The literal meaning of ἄγγελος.-ἄγγελος = ‘messenger,’
1.10.3 3. The angels as heavenly beings.
1.10.4 4. Ranks of the angels.
1.10.5 5. The Function of the angels. (a) Towards God. (b) Towards man.
1.10.6 6. Angels of the Churches
1.10.7 7. Fallen angels.
1.10.8 8. Comparison of apostolic and other teachings1.10.8.1 (a) Comparison with that of our Lord. (b) Comparison with the doctrine of false teachers (c) Comparison with current Jewish teaching and that of the later Rabbis
1.10.9 9. Nature of NT angelophanies.
1.10.10 10. The immediate successors of the apostles

1.11 Angels – Easton1.11.0.1 Son of God. (1.) The existence and orders of angelic beings can only be discovered from the Scriptures. (2.) As to their nature, they are spirits (Heb. 1:14), like the soul of man, but not incorporeal.

1.12 Angel – Faussett

1.13 Angel – Hastings1.13.1 1. Old Testament1.13.1.1 (a) The English word ‘angel’ is too specific for the Hebrew (mal’akh) (b) Angels are represented as appearing in human form, and as having many human characteristics: (c) The functions of angels (d) In Ezekiel,
1.13.2 2. The Apocrypha.
1.13.3 3. New Testament.— (a) In the Gospels (b) In the Acts (c) In the Pauline Epistles (d) In the Epistle to the Hebrews

1.14 More Resources on Angels (Angelology)

1.15 Angels – Hastings Christ and Gospels Dictionary

1.15.1 1. They form an army or host.
1.15.2 2. They form a court.
1.15.3 3. They form a choir in the heavenly temple.
1.15.4 4. They are ‘sons of God.’
1.15.5 5. They are free from sensuous feelings.
1.15.6 6. They have extensive, and yet limited, knowledge.
1.15.7 7. They take a deep interest in the salvation of men. ii. Angels as Visitants to Earth.— (a) In dreams. (b) In other instances, the message of the angel is brought in full, wakeful consciousness.
1.15.8 2. Angels as performing physical actions.
1.15.9 3. As performing psychical actions.
1.15.10 4. Angels are deputed to guard the righteous from danger.
1.15.11 5. Angels visit wrath on the adversaries of the righteous.

1.15.12 6. Angels render aid at death.
1.15.13 7. Angels are to be the ministrants of Christ at His Second Advent.

1.16 Angel – ISBE

1.16.1 I. Definition and Scripture Terms
1.16.2 II. Angels in Old Testament. 1. Nature, Appearances and Functions: 2. The Angelic Host:
1.16.3 3. The Angel of the Theophany:
1.16.4 III. Angels in New Testament.  Appearances: 2. The Teaching of Jesus about Angels: 3. Other New Testament References: IV. Development of the Doctrine. V. The Reality of Angels. LITERATURE.

1.17 Angel – Morrish

1.17.1 1. It is used for the mystic representation of the divine presence,
1.17.2 2. The intelligent spiritual beings who are constantly referred to in scripture as God’s messengers both as carrying good tidings and, as executors of God’s judgements.

1.17.3 3. FALLEN ANGELS.
1.17.4 4. The term ‘angel’ is used metaphorically for a mystical representative.

1.18 Angel #1 – Naves

1.19 Angel #2 – Naves

1.20 Angel – PCBL

1.21 Angel – Peoples

1.22 Angel – Smith

1.23 Angel – Thomas Chain Reference1.23.1 (1) Ministering

1.23.2 (2) Appear to Men
1.23.3 (3) Wait upon Christ
1.23.4 (4) Of Wrath, Execute the Judgments of God
1.23.5 (5) Fallen Angels
1.23.6 (6) In Heaven
1.23.7 (7) Of the Churches

1.24 Angel – Bob Utley


1.25 Angel – Wemyss

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