Owen, J. – Of Temptation

Of Temptation: The nature and power of it; the danger of entering into it; and the means of preventing that danger: with a resolution of sundry cases thereunto belonging.

by John Owen

In this 9 chapter work by Owen (Anglican Nonconformist), he presents us with the biblical foundation, what it is, the doctrine and particular cases, inquiries resolved, and helps to watching.


1. Biblical Foundation.
2. What is “To enter into temptation”
3. The Doctrine
4. Particular cases considered
5. Inquiries resolved
6. Watching that we do not enter temptation.
7. Several acts of watchfulness proposed.
8. Watch against temptation by keeping the word of Christ’s patience.
9. General exhortation to the duty prescribed.


Owen, John - Of Temptation
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Author:Owen, J.
Date:January 6, 2017