Talmadge, T. De Witt – Abominations of Modern Society

The Abominations of Modern Society

by T. De Witt Talmage, Brooklyn, 1872

Contents of the Abominations of Modern Society

The Curtain Lifted
Winter Nights
The Power of Clothes
After Midnight
The Indiscriminate Dance
Massacre by the Sewing Needle
Leprous Newspapers

Some of the Club-Houses
The Evil Beast—the Dreadful Abomination of Rum
House of Blackness of Darkness
Lies—White and Black

PREFACE. The book is not more for young men—than for old men. The Calabria was wrecked “the last day out.” Nor is the book more for men—than for women. The best being that God ever made is a good woman—and the worst that the devil ever made is a bad one. If anything herein shall be a warning either to man or woman—I will be satisfied.

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Date:November 4, 2016