Carradine, B. – The Second Blessing in Symbol

The Second Blessing in Symbol
By Beverly Carradine

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This is a 29 chapter work by Carradine (Nazarene-Methodist) in which he examines the second blessing in the symbols presented in Scripture.


1. A Few Opening Words
2. The Second Blessing
3. Symbolism
4. The Manna, Two Animals, Two Birds, Levites and Priests
5. The Two Washings of the Leper and Leprous Garment, Two Anointings of Lepers
6. The Two Rooms
7. The Second Approach of the High Priest to the Tabernacle or Temple
8. The Two Crossings
9. The Love Slave, or the Two Kinds of Service
10. The Holy Oil
11. The Two Ways
12. The Two Covenants
13. Abraham’s Altar
14. The Eight Offerings
15. David and the Ark
16. The Two Cleansings of the Temple
17. The Two Rests
18. The Two Fluids
19. The Treasure and the Pearl
20. Lazarus — Dead — Alive — Free
21. The Breastplate and the Helmet
22. The Two Tables
23. Walking on the Waves
24. Martha and Mary
25. Two Baptisms
26. The Two Touches
27. Cisterns and Foundations
28. Servants and Friends
29. The Two Companies in Heaven

The author of this book, although a young man, wields one of the most familiar and welcome pens to our Methodism, hence needs no introduction.
The types and symbols of the Old Testament evidently contain as deep a spiritual meaning as the parables of the New Testament, and the whole combine in the revelation of the great doctrines of Christianity. The perfect harmony existing between these two books unites them into one Book. The great doctrine of the Book, the doctrine toward which all other doctrines lead, and in which they all center, is the doctrine of holiness. That God wills, provides for, and demands our entire sanctification from all sin, no candid Bible reader will deny. Methodism teaches in her standards of doctrine that entire sanctification is wrought in the believer’s heart subsequent to justification; her founders preached, and her charter members professed, sanctification as a second work of grace. Those who will take the pains to seek will find it so recorded in the sermons, songs, and history of the early Methodists.
Our author undertakes to show in this book that this doctrine, the second work of grace, is taught in the types and symbols of the Bible.
Our prayer is that those who read this book may have the faith that will make them able “to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us.”

H. C. Morrison, Evangelist.
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Carradine, Beverly - The Second Blessing In Symbol
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Author:Carradine, B.
Date:January 23, 2017