Boyce – Abstract of Systematic Theology

Abstract of Systematic Theology By James Petigru Boyce

James Petigru Boyce

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Abstract of Systematic Theology contains forty-two essays ranging in topic from the doctrines of God, the Trinity, and humanity, to creation, providence, and justification. Boyce also wrote extensively on the issues of election, atonement, and the immortality of the soul. Boyce’s theology was heavily influenced by Charles Hodge, and he used Hodge’s Systematic Theology text at the Southern Baptist Seminary.

The essays found in Abstract of Systematic Theology were originally intended to supplement the content of Boyce’s systematic theology classes at the seminary from 1859–1888. Boyce compiled and completed Abstract: “it is no mere logic chopping treatise but is vibrant with an experimental faith centered in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior… .” Published in 1887.


Chapter 1  The Science of Theology
Chapter 2  The Being of God
Chapter 3  Reason and Revelation
Chapter 4  The Unity of God
Chapter 5  Spirituality of God
Chapter 6  Divine Attributes
Chapter 7  The Immutability of God
Chapter 8  The Power of God
Chapter 9  The Knowledge of God
Chapter 10 Holiness, Goodness, Love, and Truth
Chapter 11 Justice of God
Chapter 12 The Will of God
Chapter 13 The Decrees of God
Chapter 14 The Trinity
Chapter 15 Personal Relations in the Trinity
Chapter 16 Outward Relations of the Trinity
Chapter 17 Creation
Chapter 18 Creation of Angels
Chapter 19 Fallen Angels
Chapter 20 Creation of Man
Chapter 21 Providence
Chapter 22 The Fall of Man
Chapter 23 The Effects of the Sin of Adam
Chapter 24 The Headship of Adam
Chapter 25 Christ in the Old Testament
Chapter 26 The Person of Christ

Chapter 27 The Offices of Christ
Chapter 28 The Atonement of Christ
Chapter 29 Election
Chapter 30 Reprobation
Chapter 31 Outward and Effectual Calling
Chapter 32 Regeneration and Conversion
Chapter 33 Repentance
Chapter 34 Faith
Chapter 35 Justification

Chapter 36 Adoption

Chapter 37 Sanctification

Chapter 38 Final Perseverance of the Saints

Chapter 39 Death and the Soul’s Immortality
Chapter 40 Christ’s Second Coming and the Resurrection
Chapter 41 The Final Judgement
Chapter 42 The Final States of the Righteous and the Wicked

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Boyce – Abstract_of_Systematic_Theology

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