Morgan, G.C. – Crises of Christ

The Crises of Christ

By G. Campbell Morgan, D.D.

In this book, Pastor Morgan deals with some of the great moments in the life of Christ: His Birth, His Baptism, the Temptation, the Transfiguration, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, the Ascension, the answer of Christ (which is Man Redeemed).

CONTENTS of Morgan Crises of Christ

Introductory.the Subject and the Scheme
Preliminary .the Call For Christ—Man Fallen

1. Man Distanced from God by Sin
2. Man Ignorant of God Through Sin
3. Man Unlike God in Sin

Book I . The Birth

4. The Great Mystery . The God‑Man
5. The Meaning . God Was in Christ
6. Signs to the Sons of Men

Book 2. The Baptism

7. The Parting of the Ways
8. Light On the Hidden Years
9. The Vision of John

Book 3. The Temptation

10. Introductory
11. The First Temptation
12. The Second Temptation
13. The Third Temptation
14. Final

Book 4. The Transfiguration

15. Introductory
16. The Master Himself
17. The Celestial Visitors
18. The Dazed Disciples
19. The Things That Remained

Book 5. The Crucifixion

20. The Approach to the Cross
21. The Sufferings of Christ
22. Sin Unveiled, Grace Outshining
23. The Kingly Exodus
24. The Representative Crowds

Book 6. The Resurrection

25. Perfect Victory
26. The Divine Seal
27. Faith S Anchorage

Book 7. The Ascension

28. God’s Perfect Man
29. Man’s Wounded God
30. The New Union

Resultant . The Answer of Christ . Man Redeemed

31. Man Restored to God by Christ
32. Man Knowing God Through Christ
33. Man Like God in Christ

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Second Edition

New York Chicago Toronto Fleming H. Revell Company London and Edinburgh

Copyright Statement – “Crises of the Christ” by G. Campbell Morgan was originally copyrighted in 1903 by the Fleming H. Revell Company. This book is now public domain.

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