Category: Person of Christ

Gordon Quiet Talks on Jesus

Gordon, S.D. – Quiet Talks about Jesus

This work Quiet Talks about Jesus has 4 sections: A bit ahead (an introduction), the Purpose of Jesus, the person of Jesus, and the Great Experiences of Jesus’ life. The final chaper is study notes for the book. There are about 20 chapters in this work. It is a devotional work.

Guthrie, William – Christian’s Great Interest

The Christian’s Great Interest by the late Rev. William Guthrie, Minister of the Gospel, Fenwick with a Memoir of the…

Glover, T.R. – The Jesus of History

In this 10 chaper work by Glover, he looks at the Jesus in the gospels, his childhood and youth, later Jesus as a man and then his mind. Jesus as a teacher, and his own teaching of God, on sin, and his choice to go to the cross.

Fawcett, John – Christ Precious to Those Who Believe

The preciousness of Jesus Christ, to those who believe — practically considered and improved.