Austin-Sparks, T. – The Power of His Resurrection

The Power of His Resurrection

by T. Austin-Sparks

In The Power of His Resurrection by Austin-Sparks (Deeper Life), he examines Christ’s resurrection in different references to that or to resurrection and healing in the Bible.

From the original, unabridged writings of T. Austin-Sparks
The Power of His Resurrection

CONTENTS of The Power of His Resurrection

Chapter 1 – A Survey
The Link Between Elisha and Elijah – The Waters of Jericho – The Three Kings in League – The Widow’s Oil – The Woman’s Son – The Poisoned Pottage – Naaman, the Syrian Leper – The Loose Axe-head – The Feeding of the Multitude – The Unseen Horseman – The Arrows – Elijah’s Death – Elisha’s Preparation in His Natural Vocation – Everything of Spirit – The Test of Faith and Perseverance – Learning the Secret of Power from on High – Having His Beginnings in Jordan

Chapter 2 – The Waters of Jericho
1. The Inclusive Representation of Calvary’s Victory Over the Power of Satan Working Through the Flesh. Jericho (a) Something Too Strong for Man. (b) Fullness as Represented by “Seven”. (c) Achan. 2. The Omnipotence of Fatih in the Power of the Cross. 3. The Curse Resting Upon All Satan-Energized Works of Achan. (a) Death. (b) Vanity – Elisha’s Roots Are in Jordan – Elisha’s Authority is in Anointing – Elisha’s Vessel is a New Cruse – Elisha’s Means is Salt

Chapter 3 – Elisha and the Sons of the Prophets
The Sons of the Prophets – Who and What they Were – That Which Elisha Represents

Chapter 4 – The Nature of Life and Testimony of the Lord’s People
1. The Valley Filled with Water – Resurrection Life in the Midst of Pressure From a Hostile World Outside – 2. The Widow’s Oil – (a) The State of the Church. Unable to Meet Obligations. (b) The Power of the World Over “the Church”. (c) A Little Oil – The Shunammite’s Son – The Supreme Need: Fullness of Resurrection Life

Chapter 5 – The Healing of Naaman
The Natural Man – A New Attitude Towards the Instrument Used for His Spiritual Good – Naaman Worshiped Jehovah – His Resources at the Lord’s Disposal

Chapter 6 – The Throne in Heaven
1. The Opening of the Eyes of Elisha’s Servant – 2. Blindness Brought to the Syrian Host – The Fact of Union with the Lord – The Nature, Basis and Place of This Union – The Issue of Union is Government – The Law of Union is Faith

Chapter 7 – Closing Scenes
1. The Arrow of the Lord’s Deliverance – 2. The Smiting on the Ground With the Arrows – 3. The Revival of a Dead Body by Contact With Elisha’s Bones

The Power of His Resurrection

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