Stalker, J. – The Christology of Jesus

The Christology of Jesus

by James Stalker


The Christology of Jesus is a systematic theology work on Christ. Stalker examines basically the Importance of the teaching of Jesus, his names/titles as Son of Man, Son of God, the Messiah, the Redeemer, the Judge. He also has two appendices, Wendt’s untranslated chapter on the teaching of Jesus, and the Book of Enoch.

Evaluation by David Cox

I would recommend this work on the basis of the person of Stalker. His works are classics in whatever he writes about. I personally do not think the title fits very well, because the work is more about these 5 titles of Christ, and it is not developed well enough for my taste to be called a “Christology”. I would prefer the title “The Titles of Christ”.

Chapter Content

1. The Importance Of The Teaching Of Jesus 1
2. The Son Of Man 43
3. The Son Of God 85
4. The Messiah 126
5. The Redeemer 169
6. The Judge 209


A. Wendt’s Untranslated Volume On The Teaching Of Jesus 247
B. The Book Of Enoch 269

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Stalker, James - Christology Of Jesus (wlue777)
Stalker, James - Christology Of Jesus (wlue777)
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