Morgan, G. Campbell-The Purposes of the Incarnation

Morgan, G. Campbell-The Purposes of the Incarnation

Morgan looks at the purposes of the incarnation and the facts surrounding Christ’s coming as man.


The title of this meditation marks its limitation, and indicates its scope.

Here is no attempt at defense of the statement of the New Testament that “the Word was made flesh.” That is taken for granted as true.

Moreover, here is no attempt to explain the method of the Holy Mystery. That is recognized as Mystery: a fact revealed which is yet beyond human comprehension or explanation.

The scope is that of considering in broad outline the plain teaching of the New Testament as to the purposes of the Incarnation.

Its final limitation is that of its brevity. If, however, it serve to arouse a deeper sense of the wonder of the great central fact of our common Faith, and thus to inspire further meditation, its object will be gained.

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Date:December 22, 2015