Lawrence, J.W. – The Six Trials of Christ

The Six Trials of Christ
By John W. Lawrence

In this 15 chapter work, The Six Trials of Christ, Lawrence teaches about the trials of Christ, the doloroso road, the betrayal, the arrest, the various trials, etc.

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Table of Contents of The Six Trials of Christ

01. On The Road to Gethsemane
02. The Betrayal
03. The Arrest
04. The Trial Before Annas
05. The Trial Before Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin
06. The Denial of Peter
07. Why Peter Denied His Lord
08. The Trial Before the Sanhedrin at Daybreak
09. Judas Iscariot – “The End of the Betrayer”
10. The First Trial Before Pilate
11. The Trial Before Herod
12. The Second Trial Before Pilate
13. The Man Named Barabbas
14. The Scourging Of CHRIST
15. Spiritual Truths from the Study of the Trials


Lawrence, John W  - The Six Trials Of Christ
Lawrence, John W - The Six Trials Of Christ
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