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Brown The Seven Myths of Denominationalism

Brown The Seven Myths of Denominationalism is an eight chapter work on “the Myths of Denominationalism” by Brown (Church of Christ). In actuality, the work is not so much against denominationalism as it is a positional statement of the Church of Christ on various matters that they see distinguishing them as being more biblical that other groups. It has some good and interesting material none-the-less, but it also has some very questionable propositions (i.e. “Myth3 We are saved by faith alone”).

Tyng, Stephen – Christian Titles

A Series of Practical Meditations on the titles or descriptions of Christians in the Bible

Adams, J.Q. – Baptists the Only Thorough Reformers

When Mr. Adams was in London, in August, 1868, Charles Haddon Spurgeon informed him that he had used “Baptists Thorough Reformers” as a text book in his Pastor’s College, regarding it as the best Manual of Baptist principles he had met.