Taylor, W. – Objections to Street Preaching Considered

Objections to Street Preaching Considered

By William Taylor

William Taylor was a Methodist in the California Conference in the mid-1800’s. Although published in 1867, this article speaks to our generation. Mr. Taylor spoke about cultural refinement, secular education, the negative effects of immigration, the apathy of the churches, and other topics that apply today. The book from which this chapter is taken is called, “Seven Years’ Street Preaching in San Francisco, California.”

Summary: In this 8 chapter work (very short chapters, so this is almost a tract)by Taylor (Methodist), he examines objections to street preaching. He looks at 8 objections: a degradation of ministerial dignity, it debases (makes common) the gospel, it detracts from regular ministrations, it creates riots and confusion, it brings confrontation with civil authorities, it is impossible to preach both in the church and in the street, and it will damage the preachers voice (bronchitis and crack his voice).


1. It Is A Degradation Of Ministerial Dignity
2. Makes Preaching Of The Gospel Too Common
3. Will Detract From Regular Ministrations
4. Creates Riots And Confusion
5. Brings Collision With The Civil Authorities
6. Not Able To Preach In Church And Outdoors
7. It Will Give The Preacher Bronchitis
8. It Will Crack And Injure The Voice

Taylor, William - Objections To Street Preaching Considered
Taylor, William - Objections To Street Preaching Considered
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