Category: Missions

Darby, J.N. – On The Formation Of Churches

In this 11 chapter work on the formation of Churches, Brethren author John Nelson Darby examines various topics related to the theme. He looks at the Lord’s purpose in gathering the brethren, dissent on gathering, fallen condition of present dispensation, Does Word of God authorize the gathering, etc.

Strong, A.H. – A Tour of the Missions

In this 18 chapter book Tour of the Missions by Strong (Baptist) he gives us a diary of his missions trip in 1918 throughout the eastern Asian countries.

Allen, R. – Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours?

In this 13 chapter book(Missionary Methods St. Paul’s or Ours?) by Allen (Anglican), he presents to us the argument for returning to the NT way of doing missions. His proposition is highly motivated towards the 3 selfs (self-supporting, self-propogating, and self-governing). His chapters are Introduction, strategic points, class, moral and social condition, miracles, finances, the substance of Paul’s preaching, the teaching, the training of candidates for baptism and ordination, authority and discipline, unity, principles and spirit, and application.

Fitkin, Susan – Holiness and Missions

Nazarene book on Christian Missions in Central and South America, Asia. (1915) This little booklet makes no pretense at being an exhaustive treatise of the idea that the themes of Holiness and World Evangelism are linked together like Siamese twins in God’s Word. It is simply a review of a few of the many definite statements and illustrations that have been blessings in my own life.

Dibble Thoughts on Missions

Dibble, S. – Thoughts on Missions

n this 8 chapter work, Thoughts on Missions Dibble (Presbyterian, Missionary) presents us with thoughts on missions (also this work in title “A Voice from Abroad”). His chapters are the true spirit of missions, christian stewardship, guilt of neglecting the Heathen, the Saviour’s last command, laymen called to the field of missions, claims of missions on ministers of influence, the import of the great commission, and trials to be met.