Darby, J.N. – On The Formation Of Churches

On The Formation Of Churches
by John Nelson Darby

In this 11 chapter work on the formation of Churches, Brethren author John Nelson Darby examines various topics related to the theme. He looks at the Lord’s purpose in gathering the brethren, dissent on gathering, fallen condition of present dispensation, Does Word of God authorize the gathering, etc.

This essay was published originally in French, in Switzerland, about 1840. In English it has been entitled, “Reflections on the Ruined Condition of the Church; and on the Efforts made by Churchmen and Dissenters to Restore it to its Primitive Order.”


1. Aim Of This Essay
2. The Lord’s Purpose In The Gathering Of The Saints On Earth
3. National Systems And Their Relation To The Gathering Of Believers
4. Position Of Dissent Relatively To The Gathering Of Believers
5. In The Fallen Condition Of The Present Dispensation, Can Man Restore It?
6. If The Dispensation Cannot Be Restored, What Remains To Be Done
7. Directions Given By The Holy Spirit For The Present Condition Of Things
8. Does The Word Of God Authorise The Naming Presidents And Pastors?
9. The Children Of God Have Nothing To Do But To Meet Together In The Name Of The Lord
10. Conclusions
11. Final Remarks

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Date:January 14, 2015