Williamson, M. – Have We No Rights?

Have We No Rights?

Have We No Rights?
by Mabel Williamson

A frank discussion of the “rights” of missionaries
China Inland Mission Overseas Missionary Fellowship
Moody Press Chicago

Reprinted, 1973

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Printed in the United States of America

In this 12 chapter book, Ms. William presents us with some thoughts on our rights for those who are missionaries. Her chapters are “Rights”, the right to a normal standard life, good health, to regulate my private affairs, privacy, my own time, normal romance, home life, to live with people of my choosing, to feel superior, to run things, he had no rights.

Contents of Have We No Rights?

1. Rights 7
2. The Right to What I Consider a Normal Standard of Living 11
3. The Right to the Ordinary Safeguards of Good Health 23
4. The Right to Regulate My Private Affairs As I Wish 33
5. The Right to Privacy 39
6. The Right to My Own Time 47
7. The Right to a Normal Romance, If Any 55
8. The Right to a Normal Home Life 67
9. The Right to Live With the People of My Choice 81
10. The Right to Feel Superior 91
11. The Right to Run Things 103
12. He Had No Rights 125

NOTE: Most of the Scripture quotations have been taken from the American Standard Version.


Williamson, Mable - Have We No Rights
Williamson, Mable - Have We No Rights
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