Category: Water Baptism

Aitken, W.H.M. – The Doctrine of Baptism, mechanical or Spiritual

In this Anglican work, Doctrine of Baptism the author examines Baptism from the perspective of the anglican point of view. His position is that baptism is spiritual, and even the baptism of babies will save their souls if the correct words and actions are performed, even though the baby, parents, god-parents, and priest are all completely unbelieving and uninterested in the events.

Dagg, J. L. – Baptism

In this 11 Chapter work, Dagg (Southern Baptist) presents us with four sections: Section I. The Perpetuity of Baptism. Section II. The Meaning of Baptize. Tables of Examples: Bapto, baptizo, confirmation. Arguments for another meaning. Section III. Subjects of Baptism. Section IV. Design of Baptism.

Irving, R. – Why we insist on Baptism by Immersion

Baptists are often criticized for being so insistent on the proper method of administering Baptism. Many people declare that it is not the method but the spirit of the ordinance that pleases God. Some go so far as to say that it is not a question of what the Bible teaches, but rather, what method have the church leaders approved. Because Baptists are considered narrow and bigoted in their dogmatism they should be ready to give a reason for their stand. We present herewith six reasons for insistence upon immersion as the only proper method of scriptural Baptism.