Miller Refuge in Sorrow

Miller Refuge in Sorrow is a single chapter work about how we are to take refuge in God when those times of sorrow come into our lives.

The Refuge in Sorrow

  1. R. Miller, 1905

‘Where to go in sorrow’ is one of life’s great questions. For there are none to whom sorrow does not come at some time. The Master, whose footprints are on all life’s paths—shows us the way to the refuge in the time of trouble. He found it in prayer. “Being in agony—He prayed.”

We may listen at the gate of the Garden of Gethsemane, and learn how our Master prayed. He was facing a great sorrow and He pleaded with His Father, that it might not come to Him. We have a right, therefore, to ask in prayer that the trouble which seems imminent may pass, or that we may be relieved of the bitter anguish we are enduring. God will never blame us for such pleading.

There was another element, however, in our Lord’s praying. In His most intense pleading for the passing of His sorrow—He still referred all to His Father. “Nevertheless, not as I will—but as You will.”

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Miller Refuge In Sorrow
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Reformatted by David Cox

Author:Miller, J.R.
Date:August 10, 2021