Pickering, H. – Heaven, the Home of the Redeemed

Heaven, the Home of the Redeemed:
Its Location, Its Character, Its People, Its Bliss

Compiled by Hy. Pickering



In this 11 chapter work, Pickering has chosen 11 short studies on heaven to present us a conglomerate picture of heaven. This is an excellent study on heaven by 11 different preachers, examining such things as what is heaven, a distinction between the three heavens mentioned in Scripture, who will be in heaven, who will not be in heaven, what will we be doing in heaven, misrepresentations about heaven, etc.

CONTENTS of Heaven, the Home of the Redeemed

1. What Heaven Means to Me
2. Some Scriptural Particulars of Heaven
3. Heaven in Comparison With the Universe
4. Heaven: Our Eternal Home
5. Heaven and Its Eternal Blessings
6. Glimpses of the Glory Land
7. Seven Remarkable Things About Heaven
8. Some Misrepresentations About Heaven
9. The Heaven That Is To Be
10. The Future Home of the Redeemed
11. A Concise Study of Heaven

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Pickering, Hy - Heaven, Home Of The Redeemed
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Author:Pickering, H.
Date:January 23, 2017