Hodge, Charles – Systematic Theology – Volume 1-3

Systematic Theology Volume 1-3

By Charles Hodge

Volume I

In this 19 chapter work, Hodge (Presbyterian) presents use with chapters on the Method of Theology, Theology, Rationalism. Mysticism, the Roman Catholic Rule of Faith, Protestant Rule of Faith, Theology Proper, Origin of the idea of God, Theism, Anti-Theistic Theories, the Knowledge of God, the Nature and Attributes of God, the Trinity, the Divinity of Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Decrees of God, Creation, Providence, miracles, and Angels.

Volume 2

In this volume of the set by Hodge (Presbyterian), he examines Anthropology, and begins Soteriology. Origin of Man, Nature of Man, the Origin of the Soul, the Unity of the Human Race, the Original State of Man, the Covenant of Works the Fall, sin, Free Agency, and Soteriology (Plan of Salvation, Covenant of Grace, Person of Christ, Mediatorial work of Christ, Prophetic Office, Priestly Office, Satsifaction of Christ, For whom did Christ Die, Theories of the Atonement, Intercession of Christ, Kingly office of Christ, Humiliation of Christ, the Exalation of Christ, Vocation.)

Volume 3

In this 10 part of the set, Hodge (Presbyterian) presents us with Regeneration, Faith, Justification, Sanctification, the Law, the Means of Grace, Eschatology, the state of the Soul after Death, the Resurrection, the Second Advent, Concomitants on Second Advent.


Hodge, Charles - Systematic Theology - Volume 1-3
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Author:Hodge, Charles
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Hodge - Theology 3
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