Hodge, A A – Outlines Of Theology

Outline of Theology

Outlines of Theology
By AA Hodge

A.A. Hodge, son of Charles Hodge, first issued this, his best-known work, in 1860- following three years’ missionary work in India and eleven in American pastorates. Enlarged and revised, it was reprinted in its final form in 1878 when the younger Hodge had reached his full maturity and entered upon his eight memorable years’ teaching at Princeton. As a masterful condensation, not only of what had been taught at Princeton Seminary for more than sixty years but of the doctrinal positions of historic Christianity itself, the Outlinesearned for the author the description given him by Dr. Shedd, ‘the populariser of scientific theology’. ‘It will be difficult’, wrote another contemporary, ‘to find a work of the same size where so much theology is so clearly presented, and at once so briefly and so interestingly discussed’. Yet A.A. Hodge was more than an able condenser, he was himself one of the great theologians of the world, possessed- as W.M. Paxton declared at his death-of some of the sublimities of genius, ‘the mighty elements of great thinking’.

Speaking of his aim as a teacher of theology, the author once wrote, ‘I would pray and labour that in gaining breadth we may not lose height, and in gaining peace and love we may not lose purity and truth’. Book Outlines of Theology.

Table of Contents of Outlines Of Theology

Preface To First Edition
Preface To Revised And Enlarged Edition
1. Christian Theology; Its Several Branches; And Their Relation To Other Departments Of Human Knowledge
2. The Origin Of The Idea Of God And Proof Of His Existence
3. The Sources Of Theology
4. The Inspiration Of The Bible
5. The Scriptures Of The Old And New Testaments The Only Rule Of Faith And Judge Of Controversies
6. A Comparison Of Systems
7. Creeds And Confessions
8. The Attributes Of God
9. The Holy Trinity, Including The Divinity Of Christ, The Eternal Generation Of The Son, The Personality, Divinity, And Eternal Procession Of The Holy Ghost, And The Several Properties And Mutual Relations Of The Persons Of The Godhead
10. The Decrees Of God In General
11. Predestination
12. The Creation Of The World
13. Angels
14. Providence
15. The Moral Constitution Of The Soul Will, Conscience, Liberty, Etc.
16. Creation And Original State Of Man
17. The Covenant Of Works
18. The Nature Of Sin And The Sin Of Adam
19. Original Sin-(Peccatum Habituale)
20. Inability
21. The Imputation Of Adam’s S First Sin To His Posterity
22. The Covenant Of Grace
23. The Person Of Christ
24. The Meditatorial Office Of Christ
25. The Atonement:Its Nature, Necessity, Perfection, And Extent
26. The Intercession Of Christ
27. The Mediatorial Kingship Of Christ
28. Effectual Calling
29. Regeneration
30. Faith
31. Union Of Believers With Christ
32. Repentance, And The Romish Doctrine Of Penance
33. Justification
34. Adoption, And The Order Of Grace In The Application Of Redemption, In The Several Parts Of Justification, Regeneration, And Sanctification
35. Sanctification
36. Perseverance Of The Saints
37. Death, And The State Of The Soul After Death
38. The Resurrection
39. The Second Advent And General Judgment
40. Heaven And Hell
41. The Sacraments
42. Baptism
43. The Lord’s Supper

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