Ridout, G. – The Witness Of The Spirit

The Witness Of The Spirit

Topic: The Witness Of The Spirit
By George Ridout

This is a brief 2 chapter work by Ridout (Methodist) on the Holy Spirit’s witness withing us.

Ridout-George Witness Of The SpiritGeorge Ridout was rather modest writer. He did not even bother to place his name on some of his books. It took reasearchers a bit of investigation to figure out that he wrote “The Witness Of The Spirit. Rideout was born in St. John’s Newfoundland. He went to Boston, Massachusetts, as a young man and was educated at Temple University. He served as Professor of Theology at Upland, Indiana. He served as Chaplain with the 38th Regiment in France during World War I. Following the war he accepted the Chair of Theology as Asbury College where he remained until 1927.

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CONTENTS of Witness Of Spirit

1 – The Witness Of Spirit
2 – How A State Of Entire Sanctification May Be Retained

Ridout, George - The Witness Of The Spirit
Ridout, George - The Witness Of The Spirit
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