Wolston, W T P – Another Comforter

“Another Comforter”

Lecture 1 The Spirit in Old Testament Times
Lecture 2 “Born of Water and of the Spirit”
Lecture 3 “A Well of Water;” or, “Worship in Spirit and in truth”
Lecture 4 “Rivers of Living Water”
Lecture 5 “Another Comforter. . . the Spirit of truth”
Lecture 6 “Receive Ye the Holy Ghost;” or, “Life more abundantly”
Lecture 7 The Day of Pentecost
Lecture 8 The Gift of the Spirit
Lecture 9 “In Christ”
Lecture 10 The Baptism of the Spirit
Lecture 11 The Gifts of the Spirit
Lecture 12 Spiritual Offices
Lecture 13 “The Seven Spirits of God”

Wolston, W T P - Another Comforter
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Author:Wolston, W.
Date:February 9, 2017