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Boettner Atonement

Boettner, L. – Boettner Atonement

In this 6 chapter book Boettner Atonement, Boettner (Reformed Presbyterian) examines the atonement. His chapters are the Atonement, the Significance of Christ’s Death, the Satisfaction View of the Atonement, the Active and Passive obedience of Christ, Christ as Our Redeemer, and the Representative Principle.

Boston, Thomas – Human Nature in its Fourfold State

Human Nature in its Fourfold State by Thomas Boston, 1676-1732 Boston, Thomas – Human Nature In Its Fourfold State (wlue777)…

Harsha, David – Thoughts on the Love of Christ

Thoughts on the Love of Christ by David Harsha, 1856 Harsha, David – Thoughts On The Love Of Christ (wlue777)…

Ridout, G. – The Beauty of Holiness (Beauty Holiness)

In this 7 chapter work, Ridout (Methodist) presents us with 7 points of beauty in holiness: Purity, Divine Union, Humility, Christlikeness, Consecration, Love, and Perfection.

Ryle, John C. – The Nature of Sanctification

Sanctification is that inward spiritual work which the Lord Jesus Christ works in a man by the Holy Spirit, when…