Bonar, Horatius – Blood of the Cross

Bonar, Horatius – Blood of the Cross is a 11 chapter Presbyterian work on the Blood of Christ and how important it is in salvation.

Blood of the Cross by Bonar, Horatius

We need the blood  of the cross of Jesus Christ for our salvation.
CHAPTER  1 The Accusation
CHAPTER  2  Israel Guilty
CHAPTER  3  The World Guilty
CHAPTER  4  God’s Controversy With The World
CHAPTER  5  What God Thinks Of This Blood
CHAPTER  6 Ways In Which God Proclaims Its Value
CHAPTER  7  The Careless Sinner’s Thoughts Concerning It
CHAPTER  8  The Thoughts Of The Awakened Sinner Concerning It
CHAPTER  9  The Thoughts Of The Saint Concerning It
CHAPTER 10  The Thoughts Of The Lost Soul Concerning It
CHAPTER 11  The Good News Concerning The Blood