Edwards, J. – How to know if you are a Real Christian

Edwards How to Know if you are a Real Christian

How to know if you are a Real Christian

How To Know If You Are A Real Christian
by Jonathan Edwards

In this short work, Edwards deals with James 2:19, that even the demons believe that God exists. He deals with experiences as the testimony of salvation, and how this is not sufficient.

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CONTENTS of How to know if you are a Real Christian

1. Demons Have a Knowledge of God.
2. Knowledge of God alone is no proof of salvation.
3. Religious experiences are no proof of salvation.
4. Objection #1- People are different from demons.
5. Objection #2- People can have religious feelings that demons cannot.
6. True Spiritual experiences have a different source.
7. A true spiritual experience transforms the heart.
8. Genuine spiritual experiences have different results.
9. The sight of Christ’s beauty- God’s greatest gift!

“You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that and shudder.” James 2:19

How do you know if you belong to God? We see in these words what some people depend on as an evidence of their acceptance with God. Some people think that they are all right before God if they are not as bad as some evil person. Other people point to their family history or church membership to show that God approves of them. There is an evangelism programme in common use that asks people certain questions. One of the questions is, “Suppose you were to die today. Why should God let you into his heaven?” A very common response is, “I believe in God.” Apparently, the apostle James knew people who said the same thing: I know I am in God’s favor because I know these religious doctrines.

Of course, James admits that this knowledge is good. Not only is it good, but it is also necessary. Nobody can be a Christian who doesn’t believe in God; and more than that, the One True God. This is particularly true for those who had the great advantage of actually knowing the apostle, someone who could tell them of his first-hand experience with Jesus, the Son of God. Imagine the great sin of a person, who knew James, and then refused to believe in God! Certainly this would make their damnation greater. Of course, all Christians know that this belief in the One God is only the start of good things because “anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” (Heb. 11:6.)

However, James is clear that although this belief a good thing, it is definitely not proof that a person is saved. What he means is this: “You say you are a Christian and you are in God’s favor. You think God will let you into heaven, and the proof of it is, you believe in God. But that is no evidence at all, because the demons also believe, and they are sure to be punished in hell.” The demons believe in God, you can be sure of that! They not only believe that He exists, but they believe that God is a holy God, a sin-hating God, a God of truth, who has promised judgments, and who will carry out his vengeance upon them. This is the reason the demons “shudder” or tremble- they know God more clearly than most human beings do, and they are afraid. Nevertheless, nothing in the mind of man, that devils may experience as well, is any sure sign of God’s grace in our hearts.

This reasoning may be easily turned around. Suppose demons could have, or find within themselves, something of God’s saving grace-proof they would go to heaven. This would prove James wrong. But how absurd! The Bible makes it clear that demons have no hope of salvation, and their believing in God does not take away their future punishment. Therefore believing in God is not proof of salvation for demons, and it is safe to say, not for people, either.

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Edwards, Jonathan - How To Know If You Are A Real Christian
Edwards, Jonathan - How To Know If You Are A Real Christian
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