Hastings, J. – The Christian Doctrine of Faith

The Great Christian Doctrines: The Doctrine of Faith

Edited by James Hastings, D.D.
Edinburgh: T. & T. CLARK, 38 George Street 1919

Christian Doctrine of Faith is a 93 topic study on Faith by James Hasting (Scottish Presbyterian).

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Faith in One’s Self
3. Faith in Men.
4. The Range of Faith
5. Faith in God.
6. The Venture of Faith
7. Faith in Jesus
8. Faith in Christ as Savior.
9. Degrees of Faith

10. The Growth of Faith
11. The Fight of Faith
12. The Full Assurance of Faith
13. The Full Assurance of Faith
14. The Foundation of Faith
15. The Confirmation of Faith
16. Justification by Faith
17. Sanctification by Faith
18. Personality in Faith.

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