Bonar, Horatius – Story of Grace

I HAVE used the expression, “Story of Grace,” which will be found to occur not only on the title-page but once and again throughout this volume, not so much because of its simplicity, as because it seemed to me the exactest for bringing out the real nature of THE GOSPEL, and for helping us to shake off from it the misconceptions which selfrighteousness has in so many forms hung around it, defacing its comeliness and clouding its sunshine. God meant the Gospel to be not so much a profession of love as a visible exhibition of it; not so much a declaration of feeling as a history of facts. His object is not so much to address us in words that may be heard, as in deeds which may be seen and felt.-H. Bonar

Bonar, Horatius - Story Of Grace, The (wlue777)
Bonar, Horatius - Story Of Grace, The (wlue777)
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