Davis-Clark – The New Creation Rule

The New Creation Rule: He Makes All Things New

by George Davis and Michael Clark (2010, 158 pages)

If you are in Christ, your involvement with God goes far beyond “becoming a Christian” or “joining a church.” You are called to be a new creation. Regardless of color, gender or race, you have been begotten of the Father into one new humanity that is other worldly in nature-old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. If you are in Christ you have been divinely baptized into one body by one Spirit. That body is not governed by man’s laws of organization, but by the life and nature of the One who created it. Your hope of righteousness does not rest in personal piety but in the divine nature that has been placed within you. You owe everything you are and everything you ever will be to your Creator. You are His ongoing workmanship. He who began the work in you will finish it to the praise of His glory.

Summary: This 15 chapter work is based on the “newness” of life when Christ saves a person. Chapters run a New Creation Rule (the principle), a new circumcision, the new birth, the new Genesis, the new Adam, the Seventh Day, the new creation and peace, the new creation-male-and-female, a new name, the new Israel, the new covenant, a new and living way, a new priesthood, a new commandment, and the new Jeruslem and the new Zion.

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Davis, George And Clark, Adam - The New Creation Rule
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Author:Davis, G.
Date:January 22, 2017