Category: Soteriology

Dennett The Everlasting Way

Dennett, E. – The Everlasting Way is a work on salvation.

Boettner Unconditional Election

In Boettner Unconditional Election this 6 chapter work, Boettner (Reformed, Calvinist) examines election. This is the reformed-Calvinist view of election, that is, that it is unconditional. He first states the doctrine, and then reasons with proofs from Scripture and reason, and then examines faith and good works are the fruits and proof of election, not the basis of election, then he examines reprobation. In the final chapter he examines infralapsarianism and supralapsarianism.

Boettner Salvation by Grace

In this 5 chapter work on Salvation, Boettner examines the grace aspect of salvation looking at man not deserving of salvation, God’s pleasure to give or withhold, salvation isn’t earned, etc.

Meyer Gospel of the King

Gospel of the King by Pastor Meyer is a selection of various thoughts about Christ and His message or Gospel.

lang atoning blood

Lang Atoning Blood – What it does, and What it does not Do

In this 13 chapter book by Lang (Brethren), he does an excellent study of the biblical concept of the atoning blood. He examines what the blood does, and what it doesn’t do,