Category: Sanctification

Berkhof Louis Sanctification

Berkhof Louis Sanctification is a Nine part work on us being holy by Reformed Presbyterian author Louis Berkhof.

Bonar Horatius Everlasting Righteousness (1873)

Bonar Horatius Everlasting Righteousness (1873) is a 10 chapter work about our sanctification which is enduring and everlasting.

Bates Sure Trial of Uprightness

A work on the fight or trial of being upright. Uprightness is a concept we as Christians fight for, and Bates deals with this in this work.

Finney Enduement of Power

In Finney Enduement of Power this 5 chapter work by Finney (Deeper Life), he presents us thoughts on power from God.

John Bunyan

Bunyan, John – Holy War

This is an allegory that John Bunyan wrote about the Spiritual Battle, the Redemption of Man, the battle of good and evil. A classic! This is the story of the spiritual war that wages in our lives daily