Berkhof Louis Sanctification

Berkhof Louis Sanctification is a Nine part work on us being holy by Reformed Presbyterian author Louis Berkhof.


by Louis Berkhof
Part I: The Scriptural Terms for Sanctification and Holiness
Part II: The Doctrine of Sanctification in History
Part III: The Biblical Idea of Holiness and Sanctification
Part IV: The Nature of Sanctification
Part V: The Characteristics of Sanctification
Part VI: The Author and Means of Sanctification
Part VII: Relation of Sanctification to Other Stages in the Ordo Salutis
Part VIII: The Imperfect Character of Sanctification in This Life
Part IX: Sanctification and Good Works

This work in theWord format.

Berkhof, Louis - Sanctification
Berkhof, Louis - Sanctification
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