Chapman, J.B. – The Terminology of Holiness

The Terminology of Holiness
By J. B. Chapman
Beacon Hill Press Of Kansas City
Kansas City, Missouri Original Printing, 1947
Revised Edition, 1968

In this 5 chapter work by Chapman (Nazarene), he presents us with “the terminology of Holiness”, specifically, the terminology of Sin, of Redemption, of Salvation, and of the Christian State.

Table of Contents Terminology of Holiness

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Chapter 1 The Importance of Terminology
Chapter 2 The Terminology of Sin
Chapter 3 The Terminology of Redemption
Chapter 4 The Terminology of Salvation
Chapter 5 The Terminology of the Christian Estate

An analysis and clarification of the basic terms used in reference to Christian holiness.

Chapman - Terminology of Holiness
Chapman - Terminology of Holiness
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