Waterbury, Jared – The Happy Christian

The Happy Christian

Or, Piety the Only Foundation
of True and Substantial Joy
By Jared Waterbury, May, 1833

Table of Contents The Happy Christian

Chapter 1 Piety vindicated from the charge of gloom
Chapter 2 Piety gives more and purer joys than it takes away
Chapter 3 The adaptation of piety to all the soul’s desires
Chapter 4 The joy of true piety
Chapter 5 Pious joy enjoined in the scriptures
Chapter 6 The foundation of pious joy
Chapter 7 The joy of believing in God
Chapter 8 Pious joy connected with proper conceptions of the divine character
Chapter 9 The relation of pious joy to the doctrine of Providence

Chapter 10 The joy of salvation
Chapter 11 Joyful Promises
Chapter 12 Joyful prospects
Chapter 13 Obstructions to pious joy
Chapter 14 Constant contact with the WORLD unfavorable to pious joy
Chapter 15 Constant contact with the WORLD unfavorable to pious joy, continued
Chapter 16 The pursuit of riches unfavorable to a Christian’s happiness
Chapter 17 Social and business engagements sometimes obstructions to a Christian’s joy.
Chapter 18 Business engagements
Chapter 19 The influence of light reading opposed to the progress of piety

Chapter 20 The spirit of controversy opposed to the exercise of pious joy
Chapter 21 Circumstances favorable to the promotion of pious joy
Chapter 22 The useful Christian happy
Chapter 23 The joy of contentment
Chapter 24 Submission
Chapter 25 Joy in death
Chapter 26 Conclusion

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The Happy Christian

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