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Chapman Ivory Palace of the King

Chapman, J. Wilbur – Ivory Palace of the King is a work on heaven.

Lin God’s Biblical Name “Yahweh” and what it means

Lin God’s Biblical Name “Yahweh” and what it means is a work by Fundamentalist Timothy Lin from Bob Jones University and California about the name Yahweh.

Berkhof Systematic Theology

Berkhof Systematic Theology has divisions on God, Man in relation to God, the person and work of Jesus Christ, the Work of Redemption, the Church, and Last Things (Eschatology).

Nassi, Tzvi – Plurality in the Godhead

Rabbi Nassi’s Plurality in the Godhead, or How can three be one? is a work by a Jewish rabbi on the Trinity, on the plurality of God within the Godhead.

Basic Christian Doctrine

Basic Christian Doctrine is an anonymous Doctrines book by a Calvinistic author. It has 50 topics/chapters, and does a good treatment on these topics even if it is a briefer treatment. Each chapter has 10 points with a paragraph or two of comments on each point. Lots of verses.