Cox, David – Understanding the Bible Doctrine of the Trinity

Understanding the Bible Doctrine of the Trinity

By David Cox

Table of Contents

Introductory Matters 3
Introduction 3
The word “Trinity” is not in the Bible 4
Knowing God is the key to being saved. 4
Where did the doctrine come from? 4
Misunderstanding the names and terms of God. 5

Chapter 1. God is One (Monotheism). 6

What does “god” mean? 6
What does “one” mean? 8
God is alone, i.e. there is no other “god” like our God 9
God is unified, one 10
Conclusions on God’s “oneness” 11

Chapter 2. Why God is one, but has to be three persons in that one God: Love needs three people 12

The eternal nature of love conquerering 13
God the Father loves 14
God the Son is the Beloved 14
God the Holy Spirit is the manifestation of this divine love 15
Chapter 3. Other Considerations that God has to be three persons 15
Plurality of the Godhead 16
God the Father is the program maker with His Divine Will 17
Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the missionaries 18
Jesus as our moral pattern 20

Indwelling of the Holy Spirit 20
Theophanies and “No man has seen God” 20
No man has seen God. 21
Theophanies: Man seeing God 21
No man has seen God the Father 22

Chapter 4. God the Father is God 22

Chapter 5. Jesus is God 22

Jehovah’s Witness’ One God, but Two Classes of God, God Father, and inferior “god” the Son 22
Clear Declarations of Jesus’ Divinity. 23
Jesus’ Divine Attributes 24
Omnipresence 25
Eternal 25
Receives Worship as God 26
Jesus receives prayers 27
Jesus is the Holy One; God is the Holy One. 28

Jesus is Creator; God is the only Creator. 28
Jesus is Saviour; God is the only Savior. 28
Jesus Forgives Sins; God alone forgives sins. 29
Jesus is the Redeemer; God is the only Redeemer. 29
Jehovah only shares his glory with no one, but does share it with Jesus. 30

Chapter 6. The Holy Spirit is God. 30

Chapter 7. Unacceptable Explanations of the Trinity 31

Polytheism 31
Modalism 31
Trinity 32

Chapter 8 Conclusion 32


Cox, David - Understanding The Bible Doctrine Of The Trinity (DCox)
Cox, David - Understanding The Bible Doctrine Of The Trinity (DCox)
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