Carelink Ministries – New European Version of the Bible

New European Version of the Bible

by Carelink Ministries


This is a new Bible Version by Australian group, Carelink Ministries.


The New European Version isn’t a fresh translation; rather is it a remediation into modern English of the New Testament as found in the KJV and ASV. In some difficult and controversial areas, the original Greek text has been retranslated in an attempt to provide dynamic equivalence in modern English.

Overall, the New European Version seeks to provide a text which is in outline terms familiar to those who have been used to the traditional Bible versions, and yet which is sensitive to the needs of those for whom English is a second language. Another intention of this version is to provide a modern English text which is available for use with far more liberal copyright and usage restrictions than those attached to many other modern English versions. Any wishing to reprint or quote at length from the New European Version are welcome to contact the publishers. The layout and text of the New European Version, the commentary and the reduced version of Bible Basics in the appendix are copyright Duncan Heaster. Audio files of the N.E.V. being dramatically read by Steve Gretton are obtainable free from our website .

Duncan Heaster is a Christadelphian, and this Bible version and the commentary reflect the doctrines and beliefs of the Christadelphians. read more

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